Forex Basics 06 – Forex Broker Wrong necessary or bad choice?

People think that Forex is like a bank, they invest money and this is multiplied miraculously, it is not, Forex as something serious, time and head needed, you can decide how long you want format, to be a professional trader on Forex there is plenty of information but everyone says his, me for example started, but had a problem, did not know that broker choose, will be one of trust? Broker because you have to give your money, capital, and did not know which to choose, did not know the requirements.

In this article I will explain how to choose the broker that suits more your style of trading. This argument is required to get a broker who is able to meet our needs als trading style, let’s start…

What is a broker?

A broker is an intermediary, it is a body that can enter the Forex market, so we can not transfer Free on forex, we need an intermediary.

Forex Basics 06 – Forex Broker Wrong necessary or bad choice

What does the broker?

Presents our requests to buy and sell, if we buy a lot of euro – dollar or sell the broker will allow us to these actions in Forex, they ask for collateral margin of our transactions (capital) is a broker’s account as collateral operations of our requests, the trader (you) requests an order to broker a batch of 100,000 euro-dollar and Broker Margin takes into account what we have deposited 10,000 euros for example, that point if the broker can send our request to purchase a batch of euro-dollar turn that circuit send the updated quotes Broker who in turn sent to us, that the order to purchase a batch of euro-dollar I have been satisfied.

In the words seems a very long process, but they are very fast. Another example Trader sends an order to sell a batch of 100,000 euro-dollar then say which particular? there is no direct connection with the broker means that the money is not deposited into, but there is a link or written agreement, in which case if the broker goes bankrupt we do not lose our capital, recover our money.

For example now bought a batch of 100,000 euro-dollar will request collateral margin in this case 1,000 euro would be 1% if you want to settle a batch of euro dollar, is 1% margin, this means that there is a leverage, if you have 1,000 in your account and can settle 100,000 euro dollar means that the broker is giving you a leverage of 1: 100 by multiplying by 100 and 1000 is precisely what you can settle up with only have 1000 euros or dollars on your own you can settle 100,000 euro – dollar this is an advantage that gives the broker.

Forex Basics 05 – Money Exchange Knowing is not enough

If the EUR USD price rises and reaches for example 1.4100 since I’m winning:

Whenever I have a loan of 100,000 euros I bought a batch of 100,000 euro-dollar so I have a positive credit of 100,000 euros.

Whenever I have a debt (remember) of $ 140,580 to the price when buying has risen to 141,000 then what do you do? Now you sell, because the price has gone up, you’ve won, you sell euro – dollar means that the 100,000 euros now give me 141,000 dollars, would you do? With the first 140 580 dollars, covers debt dollars, remember that as you bought a pair of euro currency – you cover the debt dollar and 420 dollars that you have left are the gain for buying at a lower price and sell at a higher price.


Resell 100,000 EUR (1 lot)

Win $ 141,000

Cover your debt is when you bought $ 140,580

And you have left in your trading account is 420 USD and the profit.

Forex Basics 05 – Money Exchange Knowing is not enough

You will see that these concepts have to review them, try to study on their own is very important to have a clear concept of what we are buying and selling, we are buying and selling currency pairs relative to each other.

The trading account contains the funds that are used to ensure the required margin because of an exhibition. This means that the broker gives you transfer in the market but you have to have a deposit, if you do badly this case I guarantee, does not have to be looking for, and have a required for your operations and margin transactions.

The MARGIN: protects the broker of the danger that the account goes below zero trading operations lost.

Leverage: Is the relationship between maximum amount affordable and necessary margin.

For example: With a score of 1000 euro, the EUR – USD I can settle?

You have to multiply this $ 1,000 or $ 100 you have (in this case) the broker gives you a leverage of 1: 100 100 000 EUR – USD that’s what you can compromise with 1000, but 1000 you have in your account with the broker, s say you have a leverage of 1: 200 you have to multiply by 200, it is if you have solamente1000 euros (for example) is 200,000 EUR-USD you can compromise and so on:

1: 400 400 000 EUR-USD

1: 500 500 000 EUR-USD

Now surely some will promise you a leverage of 1: 500 and you will think and say good can transact with $ 100 100 000 EUR-USD, you are buying a powerful Ferrari, and they say you reached 250 KPH and you say good, but very careful if you do not know you can handle it well crash, leverage can multiply your gain but can also do this with your losses. Resourceful site for more tips and ideas for foreign currencies..

Forex Basics 04 – Money Exchange Knowing is not enough

It may sound useless to lay these foundations you want adrenaline action and the techniques and know everything, but you do not like to study it? Stop action aside and concentrate on laying the groundwork to become a successful trader, it is essential, you know how the market works, now know as moves, and understand more about terms. We talk about the coins we buy and sell? The coins

Types of coins:





CHF – Swiss Franc


CAD – Canadian Dollar

NZD – New Zealand Dollar

Forex Basics 04 – Money Exchange Knowing is not enough

Try to review these acronyms, by that very often see, we consider two in the forex currencies in relation to each other, Example: EUR – USD, JPY – AUD other terms are called …

CROSS: NOT have the dollar in the currency pair, for example GBP – JPY

SPREAD: The difference between purchase price and sale price.

PIP: The smallest change you can experience a particular currency pair, the pip is in the fifth digit of the price of a currency pair. Read more about Forex pips..

We always say we are going to “ buy ” currency but what means? It means that we buy currency pairs always buy currencies together because if we buy euro – dollar in this case buy euros and sell dollars automatically, if we buy have to buy dollar yen in this case buy dollars and sell yen, but always this one in relation to another, we do not buy just one currency, the euro dollar buy or sell, I do not buy euros and buy dollars, this always related.

The broker acts as an intermediary in such transactions, provides me a special account, the account gives us is like a bank account. We put the money and allows us to buy and sell transactions of currency pairs relative to each other.

It is not complicated, they will understand for themselves …

EUR USD The currency above is the base currency and the second in the counter-party or quote currency, this is important terminology, seems boring, you think that does not work, please try this, it is like putting foundations in their training, It is very important that when you see that, you do not know what it is, and that you can confuse.

Shopping 100,000 euro – dollars (a lot), it means that if I buy 100,000 euro – have dollars in my account trading have 100,000 euros and if the euro dollar is at 1.40580 means I’m in debt $ 140,580

Forex Basics 03 – Foreign Exchange Market: The Key is the meaning

Forex is not a centralized market, the market we do ourselves by supply and demand, ourselves quote for example Nasdaq are US technology stocks is not a centralized market, you send your orders what you want to buy or sell a broker, the broker send orders to a bank, between banks just a more or less official listing form and the bank forwards the broker what is the exchange rate at that time, the broker in turn forwards the information to you a platform through which more later.

This is a bit of a primordial concept quotes are formed by the encounter between demand and supply, he terms is quoted true for currency may differ from one broker to another because there are no official prices, not much difference, the dollar may be, one can 1.36.02 be 1.36 and another, the difference is minimal, but there is a case for compensation and warranty but are guaranteed by market liquidity at any time you find liquidity in Forex, other institutions do not have, but if the Forex enormous liquidity of money, allows constant supply.

Forex Basics 03 – Foreign Exchange Market

If placed bids for buying and selling superior to others means that as our offer at a high price would be better than such other would immediately executed by the first come, for example, if I sell the euro at 1.36 dollar is quoted this figure will soon people buying the euro dollar that figure, that is a guarantee that only gives the Forex market, and is instantaneous. Visit homepage:

And vice versa if the broker places the deals to buy or sell too low the proposed sale would be executed, in short in any market condition forever but there will always be someone willing to buy or sell anything you want to buy or sell by pair currencies.

Forex seems complicated but will see putting and laying good foundations will be very easy, probably because you have said that to be successful trading there are many shortcuts soon you become a successful trading, look no shortcuts, the base is important is essential to reach make a successful trading, I make my experience I knew nothing about Forex, if you told me it was Forex had no idea, for me it was important to establish a good foundation, and gradually got success.

Well, then I suggest that you spend a few minutes perusing the fine print in the purchase contract regarding the responsibility for investment performance.

Forex Basics 02 – Foreign Exchange Market: The Key is the meaning

The Forex this to everyone even those who do not understand anything, words must be understandable, simple and clear, if misunderstood words are used, the mind fails to grasp the following information, we must try to understand everything you say, the key is the terminology, it is learned gradually scale, we must have patience, you must first learn, and gradually learn the concepts, Forex is a trade between countries with different currency, involves buying and selling currencies and with the Forex it comes to making a trade with those currencies, for example: an Italian wants to buy a Japanese car, such as a Toyota, need to sell euros and buy Yen, to buy the car, and that’s a transaction to buy currencies, the Japanese yen and not want euros.

The Forex market is as full of speculators who want to win in the Forex market, you sell EUR buy YEN expect the yen increases in value against the euro and the yen sell. In the Forex market, there is a 10% engaged in trade, and 90% are speculators, thanks to those Forex speculators exists, it is essential to have speculators. So visit website for further information.

Forex Basics 02 – Foreign Exchange Market

Now we will talk a little more detailed of Forex. No centralized markets, are agencies that collect all organized and centralized tenders, for example in New York vacancies and applications officially collected, these institutions, the official prices are given and that are centralized markets, serve as cash compensation and guarantee if we do not pay to which we must be the bag which will need to apply what we have to pay, for example Pedro need a broker (that is an intermediary) through the send your order, for example you buy a bursitis title , passed by the Italian stock exchange (the compensation fund and guarantee) and you have to sell to John, then the bag provided by an intermediary (a broker), says that Peter loves you looking to sell that title and john is willing to buy it. And there is this relationship between the private and institutions, it is important, this is the centralized markets.

And now centralized, markets are not, there are no official prices, bone there a building that contains all the supply and demand of foreign exchange Forex saying that the euro / dollar is quoted at 2.36 (for example) but not There is a government building that says the official prices in currency trading you is we who make the Forex market.

Forex Basics 01 – Foreign Exchange Market: The Key is the meaning

What is Forex?

It is a global market four hours a day where they are bought and sold in foreign currency is a currency market in which it is marketed in dollars with euros in pounds and a lot of money with him because investing in Forex analyze an investment and anyone operating in when a computer connected to the Internet is open 24 hours in the Forex market is open 24 hours a day so you can spend hours looking to see which suits you the liquidity is the world’s largest financial market Forex turnover of about 3 trillion dollars, the market can not be controlled the world’s largest and any group or institution fully control know it is that banks have enough force to control the market for a long time one of the why I am recommend which is considered the best brand version in the world the best times to invest in Forex trading.

Forex Basics 01 – Foreign Exchange Market

Where there is more business ranging from 3 am to 3 pm New York time involved many exchanges in Europe London has the most expensive currency, it is important that people buy and sell and have high liquidity after 3 markets are the planes have to rest, after 7 operating markets of Asia and Oceania, the moral is to have a good method of investment, if you Sabean schedule can devote 1 hour per day with discipline, and not being involved for several days, would lose consistency, remember, most businesses it is not more money, trading can be more profitable.

Having a source of extra income is very important, do not return millionaire, but if you earn well, you will become a professional trading, a professional trader takes years and a lot of experience in Forex have a great opportunity, but you need to know handle, and you’re talking about money, now speak the base, a Forex concept may be something important, you need a large market base that the solution is knowledge should the Forex market and a good methodology, a basic course can be you much help to form a good base, it may seem boring but will serve to enter the Forex market, one thinks that the market for finance is to educated people, rich people, people who ‘knows it all’ ‘Forex this to everyone, anyone can use Forex, and do trading. Find more info: Browse here

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